Just two weeks ago Google rolled out changes that will penalise websites with pop-ups (to help improve the mobile search experience). Google refers to these pop-ups as ‘intrusive mobile interstitials’. The good news is – not all pop ups are seen as ‘bad’ by Google. But it’s vital you ensure your email opt in forms and other pop-ups aren’t breaching their new guidelines – because Google is king after all – and we don’t want to upset the king do we! Two types of pop-ups in particular are being targeted and penalised by Google:


1. Pop-up ads or forms that stop the user from being able to see or use the website
2. Pop-ups that appear on the first page after clicking through from a Google search (subsequent pages are excluded from this rule).


It’s important that you review any pop ups on your website to ensure you are abiding by the new Google rules. You can get more information from Google about these changes here.



Need Support?

A few clients have called us to see if we can make adjustments to their pop-up settings to ensure they are not ‘breaking the rules’, or being penalised in Google search rankings. If you have unlimited wordpress hosting and would like us to do this for you, we are charging a small fee of $79 +gst to review your settings and make subsequent changes. This fee is based on pop ups linked to Mailchimp in particular. Other platforms may take longer depending on your set up. We can review your needs before we commence any work. You can email us at if you’d like us to look at your pop up settings.


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