Before we start telling you about our retainers, it’s worth seeing if the following statement resonates…

You’re an expert in your industry but you don’t necessarily have the time, experience or inclination to develop or manage your Marketing function. You want to invest in this critical area but need to know you have the right team and skills in place for it to be worthwhile.

If this sounds familiar, then it would definitely be worth us discussing your needs in more depth, and in person. It’s really important to us that you feel we are the right fit to help you achieve your vision. But first, here’s a quick overview of our retainer services.


Our Marketing Retainers have been developed to help you focus on what you’re great at, whilst confidently outsourcing your Marketing to a team of driven and experienced professionals (that’s us)!

We offer both Strategic and Implementation Retainers, or a combination of the two. It really depends on the skills and resources you already have in place. We can work alongside your current marketing resource (if you have one), or we can become your all singing all dancing marketing department.

It takes experience, commitment and effort to succeed in Marketing. One-off Marketing support can be highly effective, but a longer-term relationship enables you to make tangible change required for sustainable growth. It also enables us to get to know your brand and become an integral part of the team.

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Our Strategic Retainer is ideal for businesses and organisations that recognise the need for regular and consistent strategic support. Perhaps you’re unable to invest in a high level strategic role on a full time basis, but know that something essential is missing from your marketing investment. Our retainer gives you the opportunity to viably afford a high level strategic resource that will be with you for the long haul. This retainer is ideal for:

  • Businesses with no internal marketing resource, or a tactical marketing resource only
  • Businesses looking to transform the way in which they market their products or services
  • Businesses looking to include a strategic marketer as part of their management team, driving you towards your vision.

Focusing on the tactical work alone, without a well thought out strategy can be a costly mistake. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses waste a great deal of time and money with Agencies. They communicate for the sake of communicating, without fully understanding how their marketing should support their overall vision. They miss a vital part of the marketing process.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting to discuss your vision and current circumstances, please get in touch. We’d love to meet with you and see if we’d be the right fit.

Our Implementation Retainer is ideal for brands seeking consistent and quality support to deliver their marketing strategy (the tactical aspects of marketing, or the ‘doing’).

So many businesses simply don’t have the time or internal resources to work effectively on the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that are critical in helping you achieve your vision and grow your brand.

Our Implementation Retainers range from half a day through to three full days per week. This depends entirely on your individual needs and is something we would discuss with you when we meet in person.

The most popular tactical areas we assist with include:

  • Social Media Management
  • PR/Media/Advertising
  • Email Marketing & Database Development
  • Blog Creation
  • Copy Writing
  • Website Updates
  • Creation of General Marketing Collateral
  • Campaigns & Promotions
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design Co-ordination
  • Any other tactical implementation you may require as part of your Marketing Plan.

Of course we only work on areas that we believe will assist you towards your greater goals.

If you’re looking to build a long term relationship with a Marketing Agency who really cares about the success of your brand, we’d love to chat. Please get in touch and let’s arrange a meeting in person.


The way in which we develop our working relationship with you, means that we really get to know your brand and become an integral part of your team. It’s important that we become just as passionate about your brand as you are. In our opinion, this is the key ingredient to a successful relationship.

Avoiding investing in the wrong areas is something we feel strongly about. We will always start by getting to know what your brand represents, what your vision is, and exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Most importantly we utilise our Brand Positioning expertise to capture and define the uniqueness of your brand. This will drive everything that we do, and enable us to develop a powerful brand that you and your customers will love.


If you’re an Inspiring, Creative, or Ethical Brand, we may be the perfect Agency for you.