As an Agency of Foodies we wanted to start this page with a quick introduction from our Founder and Marketing Consultant, Clare Southwell.

Clare’s passion for food and experience in marketing unique and ethical brands, has created a special service offering that has naturally found it’s way to the heart of Third & Public.

“Ever since I can remember, the majority of my family life (back in the UK) was spent talking about food, preparing food, eating out, or sourcing local and fresh ingredients for mid-week four-course meals (cooked lovingly by my Dad), seafood banquets, and huge day long roasting rituals.

Now based in the Northern Rivers, our food journey continues. We’re surrounded with daily opportunities to experience the eclectic markets and artisans, through to thriving cafes, talented food producers, and wild foods aplenty. We are thoroughly spoilt!

It’s obvious now, that one day our love of good food would be coupled with our company’s desire to help businesses that we care about to thrive. And that dream is coming to fruition every day with the inspiring food clients we work with.”

From paddock to plate, Third & Public work with a range of inspiring businesses in the food and beverage industry, from growers and producers, to resellers and hospitality.


Using our Brand expertise, we differentiate food and beverage related brands from their competitors. We provide experienced marketing and web design services, and can assist with:

  • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Positioning (defining and capturing the uniqueness of your brand)
  • Web Design & Graphic Design (including packaging)
  • Digital Marketing (your entire online growth strategy, including social media management, email marketing and database development)
  • Marketing Implementation (we can act like your very own marketing department, managing all of your tactical marketing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis). Read more about our retainers here.


If you’re a food producer, part of the hospitality industry, or a foodie of any nature, we’d love to see if we're the right Agency for you.