Starting a new business is challenging to say the least.

It’s as if you need to become an overnight expert in pretty much everything; Accounting, Marketing, Business Planning, Employment, the list goes on.

It can take time to realise this is just not possible. We know this because we’ve been there ourselves.

Deciding on how and where to spend a limited Startup budget is one of the most challenging aspects for any business owner. You need to feel that your budget is being spent in the most effective areas, and rightly so.

That’s why we developed our Rocket Launch Packages. Designed for forward thinking Startups, we’ve used 15 year’s experience of working with innovative Startups like you, to get it just right.


Rather than start your marketing efforts in an ad-hoc fashion, investing in all kinds of things you really don’t need, or that don’t give the right impression; we work with you to develop a suite of highly professional and stylish tools that will enable you to differentiate your business right from the word go!

We’re proud of our reputation for setting the standards high and delivering marketing tools that will make you proud, and more importantly, help you win business. We help you to present a brand your customers will love and want to engage with.


Our packages include all of the essential marketing foundations you’ll need to help you launch in style!

  • Platinum Website
  • Logo Design: Premium bespoke logo plus full logo suite
  • Business Card Design (premium double sided)
  • Facebook Cover Design & Profile Image (thumbnail).

And for those of you wanting to be extra savvy, we also have a Strategic Rocket Launch option that includes all of the above plus our:

  • Strategic Marketing Matrix: Identifying your target audiences and appropriate messaging for each. Planning the most appropriate marketing methods for each audience segment.


If you’re a forward thinking Startup needing assistance with Marketing & Web Design we’d love to chat.