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There are a few things you might want to know about us. So here’s a quick snapshot.

Third & Public is a small Marketing and Web Design Agency making a big impact together with our clients. Based in our studios close to iconic Byron Bay, we work with brands throughout Australia and across the globe.

You may have already heard that we specialise in unleashing the uniqueness of Inspiring, Creative and Ethical Brands. That’s our thing! So if that’s you, we may be the perfect fit!

We work hard to capture the essence of brands and differentiate them from others in their market. We get to the heart of our clients’ objectives so that everything we do supports their greater vision.

We don’t communicate for the sake of communicating and we tend to do things a little differently.

We work with many of our clients on a retainer basis where we become their very own marketing partner/department. We also work with clients on one-off projects and campaigns, and provide speaking engagements and training workshops.

We’re a team that boasts extremely high standards and perfectionist traits. It’s what enables us to partner with our clients to do things on a level that we are really proud of.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our work and read what our clients have to say.


Our Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist Clare Southwell, originally from the UK, brought her passion, perfectionism and creative thinking to Australia, to create a full service agency that sets the standards high for our clients. The Third & Public team also includes our; Marketing Implementation Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, and Graphic Designer. We’re proud of our super talented and friendly team and we know you’ll love working with them too.

Clare Southwell


It’s important to us that we give back and use our skills to contribute something positive to the community. Each year we provide pro-bono support to causes or individuals who strike a personal chord with us.

After losing a good friend to brain cancer and meeting another friend who sadly lost his wife from this tragic illness, we provided PR support to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

We also support and donate to charities such as Rafiki Mwema who raise vital funds for young children in Kenya who have suffered from severe sexual abuse. It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories from these children and we couldn’t stand back and do nothing. If you’re looking to support an incredible charity then look no further than Rafiki to make a huge difference.

Third & Public launched the Inspiring Change Challenge (ICC) back in 2014. The aim of our projects is to empower kids and inspire positive social change.

Our belief is that all kids are unique and experience life very differently. Unfortunately, education does not always recognise or adapt to this. Kids are too often pigeon-holed or written off. We believe every child has the ability to feel worthy and passionate about their potential in life, but sometimes they just need a different approach to realise this. We want to inspire confidence and self-belief and we do what we can through our ICC projects.

Since 2014 we’ve worked with over 1200 kids and impacted via our campaigns on over 30,000. We will continue to run initiatives like this in our region.