We’ve developed two signature programs that help to completely transform your Marketing and Communications function. At our workshops we strive to both educate and inspire all who attend, enabling them to leave with a renewed sense of understanding and focus. Our signature programs include the Third & Public:

  • Brand Differentiator Workshop (ideal for businesses and organisations of all size)
  • Marketing Capability Program (ideal for businesses and Not for Profits with 15+ staff)

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This workshop is ideal for savvy Startups, established businesses, and organisations looking to take their brand to the next level, and clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Differentiating your brand and creating a unique pitch is not easy. But fear not, this transformative workshop will determine and shape your future marketing strategies, ensuring your efforts and investments are 100% justified.

Take a read through the below and see if you can relate…

You understand your business better than anyone, but can you clearly and compellingly articulate your brand to attract your ideal customers?

Do you know how to significantly differentiate your brand from your competitors, and capture the uniqueness of your brand to enable it to thrive internally and externally?

For most, the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not sure’. But we want the answer to be ‘absolutely, yes’. It’s when we can say this with confidence that we know we have a Brand to be reckoned with. A brand that aligns perfectly with your ideal customers. One that attracts them more than ever!

It often takes people years to understand the importance of this strategic part of the puzzle. If you can work on your Brand Positioning now, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, mistakes, budget, and work to figure out how you can really make an impact with your marketing.

As Marketing Professionals, we see brands steaming ahead when they invest in this area of their marketing. It makes selling products and services so much easier.

The internal and external benefits of Brand Positioning are significant. Too significant to not invest in.



  • Clearly articulate the uniqueness of your brand (with messages that are easily understood and absorbed)
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors (helping you attract new clients with ease)
  • Significantly increase brand awareness (ensuring your marketing is consistent and ‘on brand’ all the time)
  • Invest in effective marketing techniques without wasting precious budgets (no more half-hearted marketing efforts)
  • Clarify the core intention of your business (helping you achieve your business objectives and your longer term vision)
  • Create a unified vision (internally and externally everyone will be aligned with your brand)
  • Steer the way in which you deliver your services (strengthening your brand’s reputation)
  • Attract the ‘right staff’ (aligned with your brand’s purpose, values and goals)
  • Motivate you and your peers (remind us and our customers ‘why’ we do what we do)
  • Tell a compelling story that your customers will love (far better than any sales spiel).

And that’s just the start! Can you tell how excited we get about this topic? We just can’t emphasise enough, the benefits of defining your Brand Positioning.



To develop your Brand Positioning we have created a Brand Manifesto Workshop, developed from 15 year’s experience in working with leading Agencies and inspiring brands. Within our workshop we gain a deep understanding of your brand and capture this in a clear Manifesto.



The definition of a Manifesto is, ‘A declaration of principles, or intentions’. It comes from the Latin word ‘manifestus’, which means ‘clear or evident’. The most effective manifestos are written by the collective group and are often a call to action for others to join (including customers and staff).

The good news is, developing your Brand Manifesto is a really fun, insightful, and motivating process. It gives us absolute clarity about what our brand means to the world (our customers) and to us as business owners.



The workshop itself is approx. 5 hours, with the final Brand Manifesto being completed by Third & Public. The entire process from start to finish takes approximately 1 week.

The workshop can be held with groups of between 1 – 25 people. It’s one of the rare situations where too many chefs don’t spoil the broth.

We know that you will absolutely love this workshop, and your marketing will thrive as a result.

If you’re interested in our Brand Differentiator workshop please get in touch. We’d love to discuss your business.

Ready to differentiate your brand? Give us a call and let’s get started.


Our Marketing Capability Programs are for businesses and organisations looking to transform their overall marketing function and capabilities, whilst building a workforce of engaged brand champions.



Corporate Businesses and Not For Profit Organisations with 15+ staff.

We also have a dedicated Marketing Capability Program for Not for Profits in the Disability Sector – helping them adapt to the competitive NDIS landscape. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.



  • To enable your business/organisation to thrive in a competitive environment
  • To develop a Brand Positioning strategy that captures the unique essence of your business or organisation – differentiating you from your competitors
  • To create a consistent, cohesive and unified approach to your marketing function
  • To gather insight and research from a cross section of staff who will inform future strategies for growth and sustainability; this proven approach assists with staff buy-in and effective strategic delivery
  • To develop a powerful internal culture, with a team of engaged brand advocates
  • To prepare internal and external Marketing Action Plans.



  • We run 1 – 4 day programs (dependent on your needs)
  • The training is workshop based and highly interactive (engaging even the most sceptical of employees – perfect for staff development initiatives).

The workshops are based on this wonderful quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn”.



Insight Analysis – we look at:

  • Our Customer’s World (market segment analysis)
  • Our Competitor’s World (competitor analysis – identifying market opportunities)

Defining The Uniqueness of Your Brand – we will:

  • Create a Brand Manifesto (to capture your Brand Positioning)
  • Define what differentiates you from your competitors

Aligning Staff With Your Vision & Values – we will:

  • Create internal Communications Plans
  • Develop a team of Brand Champions

External Marketing In A Competitive Landscape – we look at:

  • How we can attract and retain customers through our marketing communications
  • The importance of partnerships and networks in our marketing strategy (who these are and a supporting action plan)
  • The most effective forms of marketing and communication for your brand.

PLUS: We also provide you with a website and social media audit, along with full recommendations, ensuring your Digital Marketing foundations are aligned with your brand positioning and goals.

Interested in our Program?

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