Is your organisation prepared to compete in an NDIS landscape? Have you addressed the desired and advanced marketing practices as part of your NDIS Readiness Toolkit?


The Australian Disability sector is undergoing some of the most important reforms of its time, presenting monumental challenges for organisations and their staff. As the NDIS is implemented, organisations must adapt their working models into what will be, a consumer led and highly competitive environment.

Disability care and support services will be driven by empowered consumers with choice; a positive step that presents an array of opportunities for innovative organisations seeking to thrive.

Having an effective marketing and communications strategy is no longer an option, but must be an integral part of any sustainability model. Your organisation will need to prepare, act and transform existing practices now, to avoid the associated risks and implications of this reform.


Third & Public launch program to enable you to compete in an NDIS environment


We are proud to have recently launched the NDIS Marketing Capability Program that will prepare your organisation for the highly competitive NDIS landscape. We will guide you through a transformative process to implement both strategic and tactical marketing that will enable your organisation to thrive.


For the full program overview and to see how we can assist your organisation to be NDIS ready please contact us today.


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