BRANDING/GRAPHIC DESIGN/STRATEGY/WEB DESIGN. Hannah Argyle has quickly become an International Photographer and online influencer, owing much of her success to her sensational Instagram following. We are delighted to have worked with Hannah as she has grown this to over 180,000 (and it continues to grow by the day). Hannah began her journey when photography and blogging became more than just an 'Insta-hobby'. We created an online platform and website that would allow Hannah to collaborate with some of the world's most well known brands such as Fatface, Laura Ashley, Landrover, Marks & Spencer, Radley London, and even Star Wars the movie (to name but a few). It's safe to say Hannah is going from strength to strength and developing an outstanding international reputation as a photographer to some truly inspiring brands. If you want to check out Hannah's website and the work we have done with her, click the link below, or pop over to Instagram @hannahargyle and say Hi!