It’s was a long time coming and the ideas were patiently brewing, but finally we had arrived on Aussie soil. Back in the UK in 2012, my husband and I had a conversation about the meaning of life. Yes, that’s right, very deep. Well it was something along those lines anyway. Our conclusion was that we needed to start ‘living the moment’ and experiencing much more than the daily routine we had become so accustomed to. A more fulfilling life so to speak. Something that often seems so impossible in today’s rat race.

We had talked about it many a time and never really thought much would come of our conversation. It was all very last minute in the end, but we decided that the opportunity was rife, and if we didn’t do it then, we probably never would. We needed to see if the grass really was greener on the other side.

We quit our stable jobs (a job that I loved). I was Head of Marketing for a private healthcare company and had pretty much found my dream job. We sold our beautiful house that we had spent the last 4 years renovating, we took our daughter out of the beautiful little nursery (day care) she attended, and said a sad goodbye to our amazing friends and family (that was and still is the hardest part of moving to the other side of the world).

It all started with an incredible adventure in New Zealand for 8 weeks where we were lucky enough to explore both the wonders of the North and South Island. Our NZ family roots were all wonderful hosts and made us very welcome. We saw the 2013 New Year in with around 22 relatives in Riversdale and had an awesome time doing the largest version of the YMCA I have ever seen (or been part of).

Then we arrived in OZ, and reality hit with a thump! No jobs, no home, no family or friends for support, and a young daughter to find happiness for. So we set out nervously to look for a new life and a place to call home.

Over the next couple of months we were extremely homesick and everything felt so unfamiliar. I certainly began to feel as though things would not work out. But gradually and unexpectedly things started to fall into place. Without much doing on our part, things started to point us in the direction of beautiful Lennox Head; a place we would have never considered, as jobs are so hard to come by in such a remote little beach town.

I was very luckily scooped up by a current client (who strangely enough found me on LinkedIn – I am a big fan), and the work just seemed to snowball. My husband gained a 6 month contract, we found a stunning new home with views to die for, and most importantly an adorable day care for our daughter. After only one month, Third & Public was born, and began to make a name for itself with local businesses. In fact we already had our first national client after just a few months of being up and running. I couldn’t quite believe how things had progressed.

Things still feel very strange and almost surreal. As if life is too good to be true. At any moment this dream will go pop I’m sure! But so far it hasn’t, and that’s what I’m hanging onto. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really hard. There are days, just like most Startups, where I wonder if it would just be easier to work for someone else and have the separation of work and family time. And there are days where I long for England and my dear friends who I miss so much. But gradually we have built friendships with some wonderful people. People who I can see being in my life for a very long time.

I see dolphins most days on my way to work and have not been stuck in one traffic jam yet (maybe one or two on my way to Brisbane). The sun shines down on the glistening water and sets over the hills from our balcony each night. I pick my daughter up after work and take her straight to the beach, or to our favourite café hangout for a strawberry smoothie. Our new Sunday tradition is to go for a swim or surf, instead of dwelling on the impending Monday. Very different to the life we used to have.

Third & Public now has a lovely and loyal client base, and each day we speak to, or meet new clients. Many of them in Australia, some in New Zealand, and a few still in the UK. Many whom have become great friends. We love seeing their businesses blossom and we are proud to have been part of this journey. So for now here we are, happy and building our business day by day. Already we have evolved so much, to a place I am just thriving in. A place I am glad to say I’ve worked hard for.

Although we have no idea where life may take us, I firmly believe we needed to give things a shot. I couldn’t bear to deal with regret. I’m pretty sure the hokey cokey is not what it’s all about, but there is definitely meaning out there for everyone. Just go find it. It’s a tough but exciting road to take. We may be gone tomorrow, so what the hell…..enjoy today and follow your dreams!

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