SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and ever changing beast. A beast that many of us try to avoid! But fear not…

There are too many aspects of SEO to name at once (and you’ll probably never be able to address them all, as things are continuously changing).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make an enormous difference to how your website ranks, with some simple adjustments and a bit of basic learning.

We’ve put together a simple checklist of our top 5 SEO tips:

1. MOBILE FRIENDLY – Don’t ignore this one! It’s top of Google’s priorities.

Roughly 60% of users in Australia will browse the Internet from a mobile device. Google responded to this worldwide trend by penalising sites that were not mobile friendly. They want users to have a good experience and be able to navigate sites with ease. So if your site is not mobile friendly, it’s time to take the plunge and create a new one. Take the opportunity to develop an SEO friendly site that is up to date, and that your users will love.

What’s the SEO benefit? Your site will rank higher when someone searches on mobile. Your users will be able to actually use your site and find what they need. That means more sales!

2. BLOG – Use your blog! And if you don’t have one, ask your developer to add one.

A blog is an easy way to add news about your products or services, but most importantly position yourself as an expert and provide engaging information for your potential customers. Your content should be enjoyable, useful or of value to your prospects, hopefully something they will share, or even convince them to purchase your products or services in future.

What’s the SEO benefit? Your blog gives you multiple opportunities to incorporate keyword phrases that will also contribute towards your ranking. Think about your topic and what search terms people might use when looking for help or support. But only incorporate them if they make sense. Don’t let this ruin a well-written blog post, as Google can tell when something’s been fudged for SEO! And Google doesn’t like that! Blog’s will help you connect with your audience. You can also post them on your social media sites and drive traffic to your website. Google does like this!

3. SEO TOOLS – Take advantage of simple free tools like Yoast.

We love the WordPress plugin Yoast, and we’ve been lucky enough to see the direct benefits of using it. It’s a free plugin that you install in the backend of your WordPress website. It gives you a traffic light system to show how SEO friendly each page is. You can read more here https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

What’s the SEO benefit? You can use Yoast to optimize each page with different keyword phrases. It also ensures other aspects such as your word count are SEO friendly to help Google rank you higher.

4. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS – Make sure people can!

Register your business with ‘Google My Business’ so that you appear on Google Maps. Be sure to complete as much of the profile as possible. You can register here https://www.google.com/business/

What’s the SEO benefit? It will improve your rankings on Google Maps, Google+ and also within the natural search results. Plus people in your region will be able to find you with ease when they search for location-based services.

5. REMOVE MOBILE POP-UPS – Google’s doesn’t like them!

Google’s done it again. They’ve made a change, just after most people finally made the switch to including a pop-up on their website. Pop-ups are a great way to encourage sign ups to mailing lists, BUT, they can impact on the usability of a website when viewing on mobile. They can often be hard to close and can take up the entire screen. So Google has said ‘no more’. If you have a pop-up, now is the time to de-activate it on mobile, or change the settings so that it is not impacting on the user’s experience.

What’s the SEO benefit? Google will like you more and rank you higher than those who don’t. And that’s what we want. Don’t get penalised when you can make the change in a few clicks. This change will be incorporated in January 2017.


A little note…

Google has a complex algorithm that changes constantly and is based upon more than one factor at any time. Making these changes does not ensure your website will rank highly, but it will boost your SEO potential dramatically.

If you’re looking for an engaging new website that you and your customers will love, contact us here.

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